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Talking With God

This week, Richard shares from the book of Colossians and talks about the importance of continuous prayer and communication with God in our spiritual walks. And later, we’ll hear from Daniel Borunda, Writer/Producer of the new TV series called America Unscripted. He and a film crew hit the streets to talk with people about some of the issues that our country faces today, then points them to the hope that Christ offers. Click on the audio bar below.


Do you have regrets in life? Are there things in your past that keep coming back to you? The truth is, we’re all prone to feeling ashamed at some point in our lifetime. But we have a choice to make. We can either allow our mistakes to define us, or shape us. No matter your circumstance, or series of unfortunate events, the good news is that the love of Christ is able to break through the most shameful situations. Today, Richard shares from the book of Romans and talks about the importance of being bold and unashamed when it comes to living out our faith. And later, we’ll visit with a couple of guys who are making a big splash in Hollywood. George Vincent and Rick Irvin are the producers of the new film, Heavenly Deposit. It’s based on a real life event that completely shook George Vincent and changed the trajectory of his life. Click on the audio bar below to find out more.

Facing Spiritual Battles

Today, Richard shares from the book of Luke. And later, Screenwriter, Steve Cleary talks about his new film, The Pilgrim’s Progress. Not long ago, Steve had an idea to bring to life one of the greatest Christian allegories of all time. Click on the audio bar below to hear how this incredible story was put on the big screen for the first time ever.

A Soldiers Faith

This week, Richard shares a powerful story from the book of Matthew and visits with David and Jason Benham. You may recall, the Benham Brothers made national headlines, when they publicly stood up for their faith. As a result, they lost their contract for a reality T.V. show on a major cable network. Now, they’ve been busy writing books and travelling the country, teaching others what it means to stand for Biblical values. Click on the audio bar below to hear today’s program.

Are You Ready?

Is your name written in the book? Today, Richard talks about what it means to be intentional, in our walk with Christ, from the book of Daniel. And later in the program, Mike Lindell, Founder and CEO of My Pillow, talks about his new film Unplanned. He also challenges us to get out into the marketplace and make a difference. Click on the audio bar below to hear his story.