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Business as Missions

In 2009, June Hunt founded The Hope Center. Her vision was to create an environment where ministries could collaborate for greater impact. Now, former U.S. Representative, Allen West serves as their CEO. Tune in this week to hear Richard’s conversation with Allen. He’ll also share a challenging message from the book of Acts. Don’t miss this week’s program! 

The Rise to Power

Today, Richard shares from the book of Genesis and visits Nick Vujicic. At nineteen years old, God pulled Nick out of the depths of depression. As a result, millions of people have been influenced by his faith. Click on the audio bar below to hear his story.

Ordinary People

This week, Richard shares from the book of Amos and visits with Sam Sorbo. Sam holds a lot of different titles… From Award-Winning Actress and Filmmaker to Home School Advocate, she has committed her life to lead with passion. On this week’s program, Sam joins Richard to talk about her new book, Words for Warriors

Don’t Worry About Tomorrow

He’s been canceled by social media and ridiculed by Hollywood, but one thing’s for certain… Kevin Sorbo hasn’t stopped standing for what’s right. Tune in to hear his story. Also, Richard shares a challenging message from the book of James.

Unpopular Ministry…

Last week, Richard sat down with Author and Public Speaker, Dr. Erwin Lutzer to talk about his new book, We Will Not Be Silenced in Part 1’s episode. This week, we’re continuing our conversation in Part 2 with Dr. Lutzer on the topic of Critical Race Theory. Also, Richard shares a message from the book of Jeremiah.