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The Completed Wall

Today, Richard shares from the book of Nehemiah and challenges us to come together in an effort to impact the marketplace for Christ.

Real Time in the Marketplace

What comes to mind when you think of the word “media?” The Press, Newspapers, Radio and Television? Well, today, technology is always changing. As it continues to advance, we are all effected by different types of media. This week’s guest is an Instructor in the College of Communications Department at North Greenville University. Dr. Andrew Stevens has a passion for teaching students how to be strong, well-driven, and effective leaders in one of the most influential fields today.


Today, Richard shares from the book of Revelation and talks about the importance of living out your faith in your everyday lives.

Real Time in the Marketplace

Is there someone in your life that seems to have it all together? Maybe your parents, a mentor, or leader? What about your pastor? You know, sometimes, we subconsciously put our pastors on a spiritual pedestal. We don’t take into consideration that they face a lot of the same struggles that we do. This week’s guest started a ministry that focuses on building up and encouraging our pastors. With October being Pastors Appreciation month, we wanted to make sure you knew the impact that Energize Ministries is making.

The Transformation

Today, Richard shares from the book of Matthew and talks about the power of God who transforms lives!

Real Time in the Marketplace

In the late 80’s, Dr. Terence Ascott was walking down the street in Cairo, Egypt when he noticed something a little out of the “norm.” There was a family, sitting on a cement floor, gathered around a television. He immediately thought to himself, “what if there was a Christian television network that took the gospel straight to people’s homes.” In 1995, SAT-7 launched its first program and now, they have grown to broadcast the gospel across Northern Africa and the Middle East, in three different languages, through five channels, 365 days a year. Click on the audio bar below to hear Richard’s conversation with Dennis Wiens, Vice President of Ministry Partnerships for SAT-7 International.

The Power of One

Today, Richard shares from the book of Ephesians and challenges us to take all of our worries, doubts, and fears to the One who cares the most.

Real Time in the Marketplace

How many times have we told someone that we would pray for them, with every intention of doing so, and then we get busy and forget. Here’s what Philippians 4:6 says about prayer, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God.” This week’s guest had an idea to create an iPhone and Android app that would help us do just that. It’s designed to bring people together through prayer. Giancarlo Newsome is the Founder and Creator of the app called, iPray.

A Required Sacrifice

Today, Richard shares from the book of Luke and talks about Christ’s ultimate sacrifice as well as encourages us to shine the light of Jesus in our marketplaces.

Real Time in the Marketplace

Over the past decade, it seems that organic foods have become more popular. With rising health concerns in America, many people are more aware of what they’re keeping in their pantry. This week’s guest started a company called Royal Life Essentials to help people take better care of their physical health. Joshua believes that being physically healthy also leads to spiritual strength. Which in turn gives people the ability to live an abundant life.

Don’t Be Ashamed

What is something you’re proud of? We all have certain things in life that make us proud. Maybe it’s a  diploma, a son or daughter, or some other high accomplishment. Can you imagine the impact that we would have if we were as bold about our faith as we are our earthly possessions? Today, Richard shares more from the book of Romans.

Real Time in the Marketplace

You may not know this but in the late 80’s something called “audio-blogging” was created. Today, the idea of recording a conversation, on a particular topic, and then releasing it out into the world has developed into one of the most popular forms of entertainment called “Podcasts.” A recent study shows that nearly 42-million Americans, above the age of twelve, listen to Podcasts on a weekly basis. This week’s guest has tapped into that world as the Co-Host of the show “Let’s Get Real with Jan and Marta.” She’s also a commercial businesswoman, public-speaker, and she has a passion for spiritual leadership training in the marketplace.