Are You Hot? Or Cold?

As Dr. Hamlet wondered how to best support Christians who have a desire to make a difference for Christ at their jobs, the idea for this radio program was born. In 2014, we launched our very first program on a local radio station in Memphis, TN. Now, our signal has expanded to more than 200 radio stations across the country reaching more than half of the population. Our goal is to empower believers to live authentically for Jesus Christ in the workplace. Recently, Richard was invited to join one of our ministry partners on her program to talk about marketplace ministry. Click on the audio bar below to hear the full story. He’ll also share a message from the book of Revelation.

The Persuasion

Did you know that financial hardships/miscommunication in marriage is the second leading cause of divorce? Unfortunately, money has become an idol for many people today, including Christians. This week, Richard shares from the book of Acts and visits with Chuck Bentley. Chuck is the President and CEO of Crown Financial Ministries. Click on the audio bar below to hear what he has to say about the meaning of true biblical stewardship.

Finding Hope

This week’s guest is Brad Dacus, Founder, and President of Pacific Justice Institute. Their primary focus is to defend religious freedom, parental rights, and other civil liberties. In today’s culture, the faith-based values that our country was founded on are being stripped away one by one. We’re grateful for groups like PJI that are tirelessly working to take a biblical and legal stand for those who are not able to defend themselves. Click on the link below to hear Brad’s story. Also, Richard shares a message from the book of Galatians!

The Knowledge of God

Today, Richard shares a message from the book of Hosea! He’ll also visit with Alita Reynolds. About twelve years ago, God called Alita to use the pain and brokenness of her past to bring hope and healing to women who have walked down the same path that she once did. She’s the President and CEO of Women of Faith Ministries and host of the Women of Faith Podcast! Click the link below to hear her story!