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Outside the Walls

Our guest this week has pastored the same church for 33 years and has a special relationship with our Host. In fact, Richard served as an elder with Phil in the early days of Southwoods Baptist Church, after being ordained to the gospel ministry. That’s when God called Richard to serve in multiple pastorates, and then as an ambassador of the gospel to the nations; preaching the saving gospel of Christ all around the world, as well as equipping indigenous church leaders in evangelism and biblical proclamation. Click on the audio bar below to hear his story.

Renew Us

Part I

It’s been nearly seven years since Richard first sat down behind a microphone to share the gospel through the airwaves. This week, he joins Stu Epperson to talk about his passion for marketplace ministry. But first, we’ll dig into the book of Psalms for a challenging message from God’s Word.

Part II

This week, we’ll pick up from where we left off in Part I. Also, Richard shares a challenging message from the book of 1 Thessalonians.

God’s Work Within Us

This week, Richard breaks down three powerful points from the book of John and visits with Samya Johnson, Founder of Call of Love Ministries. Her family was persecuted for their faith and now she is ministering to the ones whom she once feared. 

The Power of Wealth

In 1967, Dr. J. Vernon McGee started teaching a Bible study that woul lay the foundation for what we know today as Thru the Bible. Now, more than 50 years later, Dr. McGee’s preaching ministry has been translated into 125 languages and is still being broadcast to nearly every country around the globe. Tune in this week to hear Richard’s conversation with the President of Thru the Bible, Gregg Harris. Also, Richard shares three powerful points from the book of Deuteronomy.

Don’t Be Ashamed

Today, we’ll sit down with Dr. Carol Swain. Dr. Swain has written multiple books and has a strong voice for Christian values in the public arena. Also, Richard breaks down three powerful points from the book of Romans. Click on the audio bar below to listen.

The God Given Task

Every single day, girls battle thoughts of insecurity, doubt, fear, and failure. Our culture has painted a false picture that great popularity is more important than godly principles. Our guest this week is Patti Garibay. She founded an organization called American Heritage Girls. Since 1995, AHG has played a major role in mentoring and discipling young girls from ages 5-18. Over the years, they’ve seen countless lives impacted through their ministry. Also, on today’s program, Richard breaks down three powerful points from the book of Ecclesiastes. Don’t miss this week’s program!