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As Dr. Richard Hamlet pondered how to best support Christians who longed to make an impact for Christ at their jobs, the idea for Ministry in the Marketplace was born. The radio show started in 2014 with the goal of empowering believers to live authentically for Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit in their workplaces or circles of influence.

The program features Richard’s practical challenges and exhortations from God’s Word to influence others for Christ, and interviews with men and women who share their real life stories of how they are creatively and courageously impacting their marketplaces around the world.

Ministry in the Marketplace is broadcast on radio stations across the US and streams worldwide.

Our Team

Dr.  Richard Hamlet

Dr. Richard Hamlet


Richard, a Wall Street trained financial professional with decades of experience working in the Capital markets, knows firsthand how great the need is for Christians to share the gospel and love of Jesus with their co-workers and customers. God gave Richard a passion for the lost in his own “marketplace” to come to know Jesus.

Then, in 1997, God called Richard into pastoral ministry. In addition to pastoring multiple churches in the US, he and his wife, Ginger, have ministered in nearly 100 countries, preaching the gospel and equipping native church leaders for ministry.

In 2004 Mr. and Mrs. Hamlet combined their business prowess and burden for reaching the lost and co-founded

Ministry Outreach Foundation (MOF). The foundation actively invests in “business as missions” platforms in real estate and Christian media.

Ten years later, Richard‘s belief that God wants to use every committed follower of Jesus Christ as an active, intentional gospel witness within their spheres of influence inspired Richard to start a radio program called Ministry in the Marketplace. The show encourages people to engage the lost right where they are, particularly in their communities and workplaces. 

Richard went on to earn his Doctorate in Ministry in 2018, and he continues to serve as president and CEO of MOF. 

Jason Tyler

Jason Tyler

Producer and Director of Media

Jason produces, schedules, and advertises the show. From arranging the interviews to recording the show, Jason handles the administrative and technical sides of recording and promoting a weekly national radio program. He also handles all the editing and even provides voice-over audio.

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