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Have you ever been through a time in your life where you were faced with one burden after another? It’s an overwhelming sense of frustration and despair. This week, Richard talks about the hope that is found in Christ from the book of Jeremiah.

Real Time in the Marketplace

The year was 1956, you could get gas for .22 cents a gallon and the average cost of a new home might set you back about eleven-thousand dollars. When we think of the 50’s, most of us think of what some may call “the simple life.” Television’s Leave it to Beaver, I Love Lucy, and the Andy Griffith shows were all making their debuts. Elvis Presley released his first hit, “Heartbreak Hotel.” But contrary to popular belief, the media back then was much like it is today. In fact, it was 1956 when Dr. Billy Graham had an idea to start a nonprofit news/media organization called Christianity Today. Christianity today addressed the need for more balanced reporting on issues that impacted the Christian faith. Click on the audio bar below to hear Walter Hagel talk about the impact that Christianity Today is making 62 years later!